About Us

Jessie-and-AndyEvery person and every place has a purpose. When the two intersect, something very special happens.

Since the beginning, Copper Woods Farm has had one purpose: to give people an environment where they can help themselves. Whether through therapeutic horseback riding, providing a wonderful setting for a birthday party, or simply offering a place to commune with the natural world, owners Jessie and Andy Gentz are passionate about enabling Copper Woods Farm to serve others.

Jessie Gentz and her husband, Andy, share a passion for animals, nature and children. As a licensed occupational therapy assistant and horseback riding instructor, Jessie has seen the power of the natural world help kids of all ages and abilities. Today, Copper Woods Farm is host to a long list of therapeutic services and outdoor experiences.

So, what’s the story behind Copper Woods Farm?jessie-and-andy-house

A big dose of destiny, and a ton of sweat and hard work! After moving to North Carolina from Maine in 2010, Jessie and Andy had been looking for a place where Jessie could explore her love of horseback riding therapy and Andy could put his craftsman skills to work.

In February 2012, they stumbled across a rundown, overgrown property that would have sent most people running for the hills. Instead, Andy and Jessie saw something special. At 23 acres, the property had exactly what they needed – space, a long driveway to take them away from the busy-ness of urban life and a pond. It just needed the right people to take care of it!

Since then, they have transformed the property into livable home and the beginning of a lifelong project. They named the farm after Andy’s beloved yellow lab of 13 years. Known to everyone as “Ally,” her registered name was “Deep Woods Copper Bells Cassidy Alley.” A perfect inspiration for a perfect place!


“The Natural World gives you a chance to see the whole child.”

-Jessie Gentz, Co-owner of Copper Woods Farm and Empower Therapy